Oriental Dragon


«Mystical beasts» — a unique series of paintings dedicated to human states and feelings, reflected through the images of mystical beasts. Each picture is created to support life-affirming sensations.

Everyone knows how to get information through visual images. And just as the quality of the physical food wags on the health of our body, food information wags on the health of the mind, the level of understanding and life satisfaction. The painting «Oriental Dragon» is a delicious and healthy delicacy!

New Generation Art / #mysticalbeasts / 2019
Painting size: 85 ✕ 120 cm
Mystical beasts: Oriental Dragon

«I control my attention, easily twisting energy around the sphere of my interest.»

«I feel a pleasant flexibility, lightness and energetic cheerfulness in the body) I am pleased with the superiority over the system: circumstances not control me, I control circumstances)»

Working on this picture, most of the time I experimented with posture and gestures. It is important to feel the volume, like a breath in the lungs, and a balance between caffeine nervosa and pleasant relaxation, as with friends on a tropical island)

The space of this picture is filled with warmth of pleasant cheerfulness and coolness of a clear mind, dynamics of involvement and concentration of attention, expressed with the help of forms, colors and a complex visual echo, in a unique author’s style.

Keep the «Oriental Dragon» in your ribbons, filling them with aesthetic enjoyment. What do you feel looking at this picture? Tell about it in the comments. Share with your friends and help spread the true modern art!