Intuition of possibilities


Six paintings that will make your life conscious

«Intuition of possibilities» series — this is know-how in modern art! The world’s first visualization of this part of thinking. This is a new milestone in the development of personality, the reminder that there is always a choice and possibilities are endless. It gives impetus to the conscious choice of future and it opens up opportunities to fill life with success and happiness.

Art of the new generation / #neurogames / 2019


Every white line is a metaphor of life’s path. Right now you are following one of these paths, making a choice: read this text or do something else, understand these pictures or make tea... You make choices constantly, every second. Because, at one point’s time, you can doing only one act. At one point’s time you can use only one path.

Painting size: 90 ✕ 64 ✕ 5 cm

Your future and the quality of your life directly depends on your choice right now. This idea is difficult to keep the focus of attention always. These pictures will remind you of the moment that is «now» and limitless breadth of your capabilities. All the paintings in this series are created in such a way as to resonate with this condition. They transmit the energy of activity.

«Variety of possibilities»

No matter how difficult the situation is — there are always a lot of options. Failed to reach the goal? — there’s another way, maybe another try. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lamp, tried over six thousand variants of materials before he found a suitable filament. When you refuse to reach the goal is also a choice, another way in which some opportunities are closed and others are opened. Knowledge of the variety of opportunities gives freedom from fear.

Painting size: 90 ✕ 130 ✕ 5 cm
«Intuition of possibilities» - this is know-how in modern art, these pictures are useful and beautiful

«Internal conflict and its solution»

During an internal conflict, a person walks in a circle. Scenarios of his life are repeated. He avoids the truth, which he is afraid to admit. To get out of the conflict, you need to understand, what thoughts are not allowed.

Painting size: 90 ✕ 90 ✕ 5 cm (rhombus side 63,6 cm)
«Intuition of possibilities» - this is know-how in modern art, these pictures are useful and beautiful

You can clearly see the immediate prospects, but to calculate the deleted ones is much more difficult, as well as the distant plan of the paintings, they break down into assumptions. Each picture has a stereo effect. Looking through the special glasses, you can feel the metaphor of insight, — the moment when the understanding our capabilities is greatly enhanced. Obtaining such an experience pleasantly complements the contemplation of the picture, and at the same time the pictures are remind the choice in any method of viewing.

«Deja vu»

This is a condition in which person feels that once was in a similar situation or place. The picture repeats this psychological effect when we look at one of it sides.

Painting size: 90 ✕ 130 ✕ 5 cm
Deja vu, the picture of the psychological perception

«End of life»

Life will end, it’s a fact. You see, as you grow up, your parents grow old, grandparents leave. Is it worth postponing the realization of your dreams? Your choice will affect what your life will be, what ways you will pass it and what you will fill, and what trace in history will remain after you.

Painting size: 90 ✕ 64 ✕ 5 cm
End of life

«Unique odds»

How will you feel if one day to realize that important moments have been missed because of laziness or vain fear?

Painting size: 90 ✕ 90 ✕ 5 cm (rhombus side 63,6 cm)
Unique odds

There is only one moment to choose the path — now.

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