mystical beasts

«Mystical beasts» — extraordinary cycle of paintings in a unique style. Each painting is dedicated to a human condition and sensation, reflected in the image of a mystical beast.

What is so special about these pictures? This is a boost of energy. «Griffin» is the energy of rage, liberation from the chains of doubts and fear. This is a fast and ultimate dash to the goal!

Series: Mystical beasts / 2019
Energy: constructive rage
Ideology & style: New generation art / Author's unique
Mystical beasts: Griffin. Artist Oxana Bayra. New Generation Art

«Go on and do it!»

The griffin's figure is folds and dissolves in aggressive patterns. This leaves room for the viewer's games.

The painting is executed in a unique author's style, created at the intersection of painting and graphic design. It was printed from a digital original using a high-tech method, which allows us to convey the smallest details of the workshop at the highest level! High-quality satin-coated paper shimmers with a soft silky sheen and does not adhere to the glass.

Now pictures are available for pre-order! All paintings are protected from fake;

Size: 60 ✕ 42 cm;
Limited edition: 100 instances;
Price: 89 $
Free shipping. Pre-order.

Size: 120 ✕ 85 cm (original size);
Limited edition: 3 instances;
Price: 1 210 $
Free shipping. Pre-order.

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