«Mystical beasts» — a unique series of paintings dedicated to human states and feelings, reflected through the images of mystical beasts.

What is so special about these pictures? This is a boost of energy. «Griffin» is the energy of rage, liberation from the chains of doubts and fear. This is a fast and ultimate dash to the goal!

New Generation Art / #mysticalbeasts / 2019
Painting size: 120 ✕ 85 cm
Mystical beasts: Griffin

What did you feel when you decided that the time for excuses has passed and you need to act now? «Go on and do it!»

What does it feel like to be filled with determination and confidence?

The griffin’s figure is folds and dissolves in aggressive patterns. This leaves room for the viewer’s games.

The picture was painted in the unique author’s style (details can be found here).

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